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This application is the first step in a three step process that that consists of this application, attending a single meeting in person, and a final vote of membership. After induction, prospective members are on a probationary period of 30-120 days, in which members are encouraged to meet and socialize, as well as read over the charter / rules located on the membership storage system. During this probationary period, the prospective member does not have the ability to vote in proceedings and can be removed from the organization by leadership if their behavior does not mesh or reflect the core values of the organization.

Prospective members should be active residents of one of the following Texas counties: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Hood, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant, Wise

By completing the application you acknowledge the following rules:

• All members / prospects are to respect each other and each other's diversity of gender identification, age, religious affiliation, sexuality, other-kin or mundane identification, race, medical history or any other means of association.

• The official rosters and membership (prospective, full or at-large) encountered at meetings or events are not to be posted publicly or acknowledged publicly via social media, Internet, or any means of "outing" without the other parties consent.

• The Vampire Court of Dallas® is to remain be neutral in political affairs (both mundane and within the greater community). Any officer, member or prospective member acknowledges that they alone do not speak for the organization without a full vote of the voting membership.
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groups like this that we can address?
concern to the membership induction process?
(NOTE: All prospective members are given a cursory criminal background check
during the membership approval phase)
Also, if you have any reservation about answering any of these questions, feel free to put and N/A with an explanation at the bottom of the application. We are very open and accepting of all persons and needs, however we need to know about them to educate ourselves moving forward. Education flows both ways!
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